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Boulder High School ~ Class of 1970 Reunion

About your names...

We’ve done our best to identify and correctly spell everyones name. If you see something that needs correction let me know and I’ll fix it! Sorry, but due to space limitations large group photos don’t include names. An easy way to identify someone is to stop the video and note the time code. Contact me at, or use the form below.  All changes received by October 15, 2022 will be incorporated.

A BHS Tribute Video by Frank Shipley

From from Bill Aspinwall...

I started the Eben G Fine Band to perform a once-a-year benefit for the FRESH program, which provides educational opportunities for young women in the Umlazi Township of South Africa as well as work on HIV research. More here::

Dr. Bruce Walker (BHS colleague & long-time friend) serves as director of the band members which include Kris Husted, Julie Johnson, David Ruff, Frank Shipley, Susan Springer, Mary Deutsch and myself. We hope to continue our next concert in 2023.

Over the years, the band’s monetary contribution has been small. Yet we hope our engagement has brought some benefit to the educational and awareness opportunities in the township of Umlazi.

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    Bill's Yearbook Additions

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